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I have done research and am published in the areas of parentification (when children are given too much emotional and/or physical responsibility before they are developmentally ready) and the impostor phenomenon (high achieving individuals who have a secret belief that they do not deserve their status or position and that their success is not due to their ability, but to external sources such as luck, fate, personal charm or attractiveness).

I work with adults, couples and groups and have experience with clients in a wide range of settings including private practice, psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, Veterans Administration Hospitals and college counseling centers.

I currently have a private practice in Bellingham, WA and enjoy being with friends, exercising and spending time with my spouse and two cats in our off-grid cabin in the woods on the weekends.


I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University in Atlanta, GA. I completed my internship at the Albany Medical Center Consortium in Albany, NY and continued my training as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Georgia State University Counseling Center. I have worked in private practice in Honolulu, HI and Ventura, CA and am currently in private practice in Bellingham, WA. I am a member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists.  

I identify as a relational psychologist and help people develop and maintain stable, healthy and secure relationships. Psychotherapy is the exploration of the contours of your life. It is a process of learning about yourself, gaining access to your feelings and finding clarity. I help people learn how to respond well to the ongoing life challenges of work, family and relationships. I believe therapy can help people optimize the job of life while minimizing the suffering.

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A place to feel seen and understood

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A focus on the relationship

to create more intimacy, to resolve  relationship conflicts or to start the process of an amicable ending



A place to experience how you interact in your relationships

and to learn how to enrich them.



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